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  1. Haydric

    Thread Owner Rights 2.0.3 released

    Removed the Move Any Post Permission: By default in the Xenforo if you have the 'manageAnyThread' permission you can move posts in threads, and I reverted this to prevent conflicts with moderator and admin permissions sets. Move Any Post Removed
  2. Haydric

    [H] Tabbed Threads 1.0.4 released

    Changed function from Public to Protected on Forum.php file. Was in conflict and should have been protected from beginning.
  3. Haydric

    Thread Owner Rights 2.0.2 released

    Added a check in the Post.php canView() function.
  4. Haydric

    Thread Owner Rights 2.0.1 released

    Fixed move permission for post, works with normal permission now. Modified the canView function in the Post Entity to find correct user_id. If this error continues, check stack trace, as this error was not replicate by myself.
  5. Haydric

    Thread Owner Rights 2.0.0 released

    This is a complete rewrite of the add-on, which includes some new features and bug fixes along with some renaming. New Features: You can view threads your the owner of, even if the thread is in forum is private. You won't see it in thread list, but if you have a link you can view it. Added [H]...
  6. Haydric

    New Add-on: Force Read Thread

    This add-on was suggested by Nirjonadda. This add-on allows members with the permission 'Can Force Users to Read Threads' to select a usergroup to make them read the thread. This add-on is useful if you need to make sure your entire member base reads an announcement/news thread. This add-on...
  7. Haydric

    Server error logs from Thread Owner Rights

    This issue is fixed in the new 1.5.0 update.
  8. Haydric

    Thread Owner Rights 1.5.0 released

    Added new permission for moving all post in own threads. Fixed Error created by Post.php Entity
  9. Haydric

    Valid License to Download or Buy

    From this point forward you must have a valid XenForo license in order to download or purchase from our products. If you're license is not valid and domain does not match, you're account will be removed from our site.
  10. Haydric

    New Add-on: Moderator Plus

    This add-on allows Moderators to view the Moderator Log, from what content was edited, moved, delete, and even more. With this add-on moderators that have permission to remove log items can remove them from the log. Also in the Moderator Panel you can see a list of all banned users, and view...
  11. Haydric

    Thread Owners Rights to Stable

    Our very first addon has finally gone stable from our beta release. This includes improvements, and new features and also a release of the first addon update to include more features. If you like to purchase our addon please register, and you’ll have the ability to purchase the addon. Being...