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Thread Owner Rights

Thread Owner Rights 2.0.3

Release date
Last update
Initial support
12 months
Renewal price

Feature summary

  • Thread Owners can Edit
  • Threads Owners can Soft Delete
  • Thread Owners can Move Threads

Product details

Give your members the ability to edit/delete/move/approve and much more in their own threads.
This add-on allows you to allow you members to do the following actions in their own threads.
Mod Permissions
  • Move Any Posts in all Threads
  • Manage Owners in all Threads
Basic Options:
  • Manage Owners in Own Threads
  • Manage Own Threads
  • Edit Poll
  • Edit Any Posts
  • Soft Delete Posts
  • Stick/UnStick Thread
  • Lock/Unlock Thread
  • Undelete Posts
Advanced Options:
  • Hard Delete Posts
  • Move Any Posts
  • Move Own Threads
  • Approve/Unapprove Posts
  • View Deleted Posts
  • View Moderated Posts
  • Merge Thread Posts
  • Manage Reply Ban
More Features will come to this add-on in later stages.